Literacy through Dramatization
Components of the Teacher Development Program
montage of dramatization dictation and bookgroup
On-site Mentoring:
I mentor teachers on a short or long-term basis to help them develop skills that facilitate storytelling and dramatization in the classroom. My regular visits to the classroom can include demonstrations, observations and consultations with the teachers and administrators as well as facilitating monthly staff discussions on emergent literacy. I have mentored at the Glenn School for Young Children, 1995-1998, Morningside Elementary School 1997-1999, and Oak Grove Elementary School, 1996. I am presently in residence at The Howard School, International Community School, and Morningside Presbyterian Preschool.

Monthly Seminars:
I regularly present seminars to parents and teachers on topics related to literacy at home and in school. These seminars include the theoretical basis for socially oriented reading and writing programs that motive all children to want to become readers and writers. In addition, I offer practical examples of activities, including storytelling, that promote literacy. I have presented seminars at the Georgia Association on Young Children, to interfaith leaders in Atlanta, and to local preschool teachers. I have also met with parent groups to discuss topics related to early literacy development.

Introductory Seminars:
Prior to enrolling in a year-long mentoring program, teachers and staff will be offered an introductory presentation on Literacy through Dramatization, including a video of classrooms engaged in dictation and dramatization and other print-related activities.

Teachers who been mentored have observed student improvements in:

  • Oral language
  • Understanding of narrative form
  • Awareness of the conventions of print
  • Appreciation of encoding and decoding
  • Recognition of sight words and attention to spelling
  • Reading for meaning
  • Motivation to read and write
  • Psychomotor support of narrative text
  • Capacity to visualize written material
  • Social interaction in a learning context
  • Curiosity about and empathy for classmates
  • Self-regulation

Enrollment and Fees

Training takes place in the classroom weekly or bi-weekly from September-May. Initially, mentors provide materials for taking dictation. Teachers participate in 6 monthly seminars on early literacy.

$2,000/$1500 per classroom, depending on frequency of contact.
$200 for extended seminars on early literacy at home and at school.

More Information:
Please contact: Martha Hartzell

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