Literacy through Dramatization
Former teachers have said about being mentored:

"The idea for the writing center came from the Dictation and Dramatization Program. It has been one of the most valuable programs I've been involved in. The weekly visits of Martha Hartzell, the daily story-taking and play production and the monthly book discussions have been invaluable. I hope you will offer this program to other teachers next year."
------ From Morningstar, February 1998; Kit Young, Morningside Elementary School Teacher

"[Literacy through Dramatization] required more attention to planning and helped us to see the children's strengths early on. Martha's positive encouragement and patience and thoroughness of observation made us feel very valued as teachers. This added an exciting dimension to the classroom for us personally. Martha's detailed observation made me reflect on what we are doing with the children and the 'why' of it. This observing is so helpful I would like us to be able to do it for each other before Thanksgiving just for general information and directing curriculum."
------ Karen Kingon, preschool teacher

"Children brought in stories from home. They started making 'books' and acted out plays (tickets provided daily)all year. These children were actively exploring communication and language through building huge block cities and taping signs on the room, asking for spelling of words for writing they initiated – much dictating of thoughts and descriptions to be written on art work – or just written down to take home."
------ Jean O'Brien, pre-K teacher

"Students showed support and encouragement. The stronger students were showing their leadership skills as well as the timid child showing eagerness to participate. In other words, everyone had a part, a sense of belonging."
------ Pat Billings, Morningside Kindergarten Teacher

Parents have said about Literacy and Dramatization:

"Megan learned so much from you. The 'Dictation and Dramatization' methods that you were responsible for bringing to Glenn have been instrumental in developing Megan's storytelling abilities. She now can tell quite complex, beautiful stories springing from a suggested word or words. I have a hunch that it may probably be the foundation that will make a future writer. This summer, she wrote and illustrated her own little storybook, which I'm binding into a hardcover for her."
-------Judy McCabe Smith

"The confidence and problem solving ability that you encourage on a daily basis will be rooted in both Eden and Foster always."
-------- Leah Lewis

"Few typical schools, I'm sad to say, would have taken the chance of bringing a child with ... issues. I am so impressed by your willingness to try something so new and never done before at Glenn School. I wasn't sure [he] would be able to succeed in your beautiful room but he surpassed all my hopes. It brought me great joy to see my son be able to enjoy so completely all the many lovely experiences to be had in your school. He certainly didn't accomplish this giant step alone. Your part was paramount."

And a child said:

"Dear Mrs. Hartzell, Thank you for letting the whole class play in a play. I like when you are reading Books and letting the Whole class Play the play out and When you are a very fine voice. The End. Sincerely, ...."

copyright Martha Hartzell