Literacy through Dramatization
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Martha Hartzell
For 19 years I have taught preschool-aged children at the Glenn School for Young Children. I mentored teachers at that site and in public kindergartens as an adjunct to the School Literacy and Culture Project, Rice University. This program was created by Patsy Cooper as an adaptation of Vivian Paley's play-based storytelling curriculum. I continue to mentor preschool and early elementary teachers in the Atlanta area.

School Literacy and Culture Project
Since 1990 with the support of Rice University's Center for Education, over 400 teachers in the Houston area have been mentored to use storytelling as well as other age-appropriate reading and writing techniques to educate children of all backgrounds. For more information about this program:

Patsy Cooper
Former Director and Founder of the School Literacy and Culture Project and author of When Stories Come to School. Dr. Cooper has recently written "Literacy Learning and Pedagogical Purpose in Vivian Paley's Storytelling Curriculum" for the Journal of Early Childhood Literacy (December, 2005). Dr. Cooper introduced her story-oriented curriculum to the Glenn School for Young Children in 1992. Dr. Cooper is now a member of the faculty at New York University:

Vivian Gussin Paley
MacArthur Award winning teacher and author, Vivian Palay, pioneered the use of the storytelling technique in her classrooms. Her many books include: Walley's Stories: Conversations in the Kindergarten, The Boy Who Would be a Helicopter and You Can't Say You Can't Play. Her insight into how children think and how they use stories to shape their lives has created classrooms where children care about each other and are eager to learn. Paley continues to consult with Dr. Cooper and the School Literacy and Culture Project
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